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The Pandawa Villas is located in Kendran, upon a secluded hill of Ubud Bali. The owner wants to recreate the atmosphere of Panca Pandawa tales to the building. Pandawa Villas gives the natural elements and features a spacious design that eschews boundaries and creating an expansive feeling.

From the tale-bearing bale guests are led towards the main structure of the compound, which is called the Arjuna Lounge, a large and designed wantilan-style pavilion without any partition, creating a relaxed and welcoming ambience. Each villas has distinctive characteristics, colors and fragrances that are associated with the Pandawa brother that it is named after.



Indonesia Design May – Jun 2011 – Interior Awards

Indonesia Design Front Cover May – Jun 2011

Highend Magazine Jan 2011 – Paradise at Pandawas

Highend Magazine Nov 2011- The Devine Design

Registry Magazine May 2011 – Luxury Simply Redefined


Pandawas Villas

Jl. Raya Kendaran No. 1, Banjar Kepitu, Desa Kendaran, Kecamatan Tegallalang, Kec. Gianyar, Bali 80561

Phone:(0361) 971877