- master plan

Monkey Forest is one of the famous tourist destinations in Ubud, owned by the local village, Padangtegal. To develop the quality of facilities and amenities in Monkey Forest, including answering Padangtegal community needs, the villager wants to expand the Monkey Forest based on community plan. Monkey Forest Park ‘s master plan was designed with the Concentric Tri Mandala concept.

This concept was based on the temple in the centre of Monkey Forest and followed the Tri Mandala zoning (Utama, Madya, Nista), from that, the facilities from the public until the sacred occupied in this area. Monkey Forest Park consists of Lobby for Monkey Forest itself, parking building to answer traffic issues in Ubud, Community recreation area such as soccer field, tennis field, playground, yoga place and public space for art and community in Padangtegal village.