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PT Urban Asia Industri, a manufacturing industry specializing in cosmetic taxes, stands as the largest industry in the eastern region of Indonesia, situated in Selanbawak Village, Marga District, Tabanan Regency, Bali. Utilizing high-quality and safe materials in its production process, the company adheres to internationally standardized procedures, ensuring the creation of products that positively impact both the business sector and Indonesian society.

Given its extensive business operations, Urban Asia Industri is in need of a distinguished office building. Beyond simply exuding a sense of luxury, this structure is envisioned to embody an iconic presence within its local environment, reflecting a strong character consistent with the company’s identity.

Drawing inspiration from water waves, DDAP Architect has been enlisted as the planning consultant for this project, infusing elements of iconography, character, and luxury into each design aspect. By embracing the concept of waves as a nod to the organic and symbolic qualities of water, the design also serves as a visual representation of the Urban Asia logo, featuring the letter ‘U’.